My friend can't read my story


Hey everyone: I’m asking this because I want to see if anybody else had this problem too…

My friend read my story back then before I published it through the share link.

Now that the story is published, for some reason, she can’t enter the story through the app because of this following error:


Anybody knows what to do because of sending Episode a ticket?


Try saving your story again, this happened to me when I tried to view my story, and I just saved the story again.


Do you mean republish it?


Well, I suppose that’s what you have to do, re-save it then re-publish, but I haven’t published a story in a while so I normally only come across this problem when I’m testing the story. This sometimes happens when I have a wifi Issue and I save, or I just save and a glitch happened with the computer and something happened to the story. Try saving, then re-publishing again.


Didn’t work but ty anyway


Yeah, you should probably submit a support ticket. This usually works for me but I’ve never had this happen to a published story before so… :confused: :woman_shrugging:t3: Good luck with figuring it out!


Thank you very much!


Link for help ticket in case you need it. :slight_smile:


Thank you :sunglasses:


Maybe just give her the name of the story and she can find it?


We tried it so many times and it didnt work

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