My friend IZZY Outline Contest

Hey guys Rachel here… My friend Izzy is having her first Outline Contest and only have two entries. Can anyone be so kind to help me help a friend get entries…

This is her Instagram link just follow the rules when you get there.


If you need to retrace the outline you can do so just don’t change the outline to much. Its a fast and simple contest.

Her Prizes

For those who have Instagram
Just use her hashtag # izzysoc132

Must follow her account
Don’t remove watermark
Account must be public
Tag her in post and caption
Etc etc

Here’s my entry as example


March 14th

Tags from my Outline Contest
@Killerfrost @Kalizzza @Cassandra_Dean @QueenMilii
@Days @LHT @Itz_Madison @Chesirekitten101
@MagixQueenie @Lunar_Rose @Firely_epi @Epy.raven
@RainbowCat @F4NCI @ChayChay @L.I.W.F @Kaycee_Rose
@Raybadem @kotakala @KQUEEN @Queen_K @Dark.Epy
@SinaoMua @CrazygirldY_dY_dY @Rylie
@Koolgal77 @Turtle_Cat @AuthorMDWrites @estherdekker
@appleqrl @UltimaW @keiji @Gamer_Gurl
@xApplex @EVL.Daisy @Maria.StoryWritter @SASB @Bella246
@SophiaM @jade.cherry @B.Carlton

Enjoy and Good Luck
~ @Rac5hel and Izzy


I will join. Thanks for the tag.

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Np and thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I will join! Thanks for the tag.

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Thats np at all

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I saw it the other day on Insta but wasn’t sure how to get the outline. Lol I got ya…


Me too.

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I’m joining

Awww @ChayChay and @jessy.writes you guys are just too sweet :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::heart::sparkling_heart:


I’ll try to join!!

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Nice :hugs::hugs::heart_eyes:

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Ill join

Just saw her insta, and she hasn’t credited these people which originally made the outlines and she either traced or just used without permission… just putting it out there, cause I didn’t see any credits <3


Owners original:

The one of the girl I’ve 100% seen before, but can’t find.
I think it was for an outline contest? I don’t know.
Sorry if I’m wrong, but I just saw no credit. No hate! Just keeping the Forums and peoples art safe. <3


She really was practising with other ppl outlines but I’ll talk to her and tell her to credit the ppl who drew the outlines… Thanks for pointing that out. I myself haven’t noticed it…

Yeah, no problem! I understand if she was practicing, but she just needs to make sure she tags and credits the owner(s). :smiley:

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I will tell her now

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I’m Joining

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Thanks so much hunn :sparkling_heart::heart:

Also themysterya’s outline


I’m joining btw

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