My friend with depression

hey guys

So im telling u a story and its quite long but…

My friend (Lillith?) has depression. And yesterday i told her I don’t want to be your bestfriend anymore bc u always get mad at me for no reason… and so on like i had real reasons, she replied with a big topic of her telling me she doesn’t want to lose me and all of that… And i said we might just be taking a break… And she got so mad that we were taking a break like sis calm down. I didn’t know what to say bc honestly i don’t want to be her friend anymore like it’s true and i’m not gonna be her friend and suffer through just bc she has depression. Okay ik that sounds super mean but she has plenty of other friends and talks bad about me behind my back… So then i saw her to talking my bestfriend kris and was stuff like I really want kill myself over break thats serious but i literally dont know

today is the next day and i’m going to school… Wish me luck?



I agree with you even if someone has depression that doesn’t excuse them to be mean to you. If she is ever mean to you that’s not really a friend. I have depression but would never be mean or talk bad about my friends like that


It’s difficult to befriend a person with psychic problems, the term for this is codependency. However, being sick is no excuse for being mean or a bad person. It’s not ok to abuse others, so if you do not want to continue this friendship, that’s ok. Maybe you can tell her that if she changed and also cared about you, your feelings and needs, you would be happy to be friends again, but not this way.


I don’t find it mean at all . You have your reasons that in no way means having any kind of mental illness is an exeption to it


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