My friend's episode is block everytime when she goes on it.What should she do?

So everytime when my friend goes on episode stuido on her computer it says that it’s blocked. It says “this category is unaviable because it’s a porn website” BUT ITS NOT PORN? So if you have any suggustions,Please tell me


whats episode studio? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


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Might be worth checking if parental control is switched on, on the device she is using. It may be barring the website due to age restrictions.

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Alright I’ll tell her and ask her


Okay I was able to get a picture of what it says on her computer.


Is she using a school laptop? That might be the reason

Yeah, that looks like the notification it comes up with on school computers, in which case it’s a banned site.
They used to have them on sites back when I was in school. It would be placed on social network sites, and are specific sites.
If that is the case, there’s nothing she will be able to do, without speaking with a teacher, and even then, it’s unlikely that they will unlock it as it’s not an educational website.

Alright I just asked her she said yes

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Yeah that’s the reason

@episodemichi @Cheyara_Skadi alright I’ll let her know

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