My friends Gofundme!

Hey you guys, so one of my amazing friends* just opened up a gofundme page. She and her family are going through a really tough time. If you can support her and share this around me, my friends and she will be extremely grateful. :heavy_heart_exclamation: Your help is extremely appreciated and happy holidays everyone!


I read over that.

The restraining order is either usless or non-existant, as they RESTRAIN people. It’s to keep people away. Physicaly, and phone/email harrasment goes against many of them as well. This part is more of a police matter. Not blocking the number isn’t helping anybody; “she hasn’t blocked his number yet because she’s waiting til she can divorce him”. Blocking his number has nothing to do with that. If someone is harrasing you, block them. Call the police. And, if this is violating the restraing order, then this would get him put in jail.

Second, if the father really does act like this, it should be a slam-dunk case for child custody, which would equal around £1,500 (without child custody) to around £14,561 for child custody.

So, why 31,000? It says they already have the house (the one with the children will often keep the house, and it even says the father doesn’t live with them, meaning he has his own place), and the father would have to pay child support. And you say he’s asking for 30 thousand dollars, but he has no reason to ask for that. Any payments needed will be decided in court. He has no grounds to stand on for that.


This is not an appropriate venue for this type of fundraiser.