My gain command won't work, can anyone help me?

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great day / night :disco:
I was hoping someone can help me with an issue that has been causing me a lot of frustration for the past few hours… My gain command doesn’t work properly for some reason, at first I thought it wasn’t working because I was previewing from the portal but that isn’t the case, I have been checking my script over and over again for maybe an hour and there is nothing wrong with it, the only thing I can think of that might be causing this problem is that I used the same gain command twice (it’s an outfit choice for the MC but you chose it at the beginning of the episode and she changes after a few scenes but I also used the same command for her LI’s outfit) So could this be what’s causing the problem?
If not, I can send you pictures of my script if needed :white_heart:

Currently she is automatically changing into the first choice and so is the LI… Please if anyone is able to help me let me know, thank you in advance :blob_hearts:

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Can you send your script?

Yes of course Wait a second :cupid:

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Here you go :blob_hearts:

Scrip picture_3 Scrip picture_4

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So the way your outfit choice is formatted, you will gain all of those flags if you try on all of the outfits which is why the if/elif/else isn’t working for you because you have multiple flags that were gained.

With that many outfit choices, it would be better to use the choice naming method for the if/elif/else

You can learn about it here:

But if you really really want to use gains, you have to add a choice confirming the option inside every single outfit option, like a “is this the outfit you want to wear” choice and put the gain inside the “yes” option.

Here’s an example of that:


Thank you so so much for your help, I appreciate it more than you can imagine you’re literally a life saver! :blob_hearts: