My game crashes when i try to play

Hi! My game just started doing this last night. I can load it up fine but when I actually try to play one of the stories it will start to load then when it is almost done loading it crashes. I’ve read multiple of these chats with similar issues but none of the solutions seem to work. I have tried deleting apps, deleting the app its self and Reinstalling it and none of it is working. I don’t know what to dodoIf it is any help I am playing on an LG tablet. Thanks in advance!

How old is your tablet? Episode can be pretty thought for some less modern devices.

Its not too old. I don’t think that’s the issue because I’ve had the app for a while and it just started crashing the other day. I had no Problems before it randomly crashed once when I was playing, ever since then it started to crash when loading a story.

I think submitting a help ticket is the best choice, you can do it here.