My Game Keeps Crashing


Whenever I choose to settle down to enjoy a story, I open the app, click on favourites and read a bit. After a minute, it crashes and sends me back to my homepage. My phone is an Android, a LG K4 2017 which I bought a month ago. The scenes don’t have too much code or too many people that may automatically make my phone crash and I’ve tried with multiple stories so there is no issue with a story I’ve chosen to read. It started a few weeks ago when I had just bought the phone but it gave me more time and usually when I went back on the app all would be fine. This time when it crashes I don’t even make it to the loading page or home page or even tap once before I’m kicked off. I’ve tried re-logging in and deleting the app and then re downloading it and putting all my data back, nothing is working and I don’t know why.


Hello @Nightary, so sorry to hear about your issue. :frowning: I’d suggest submitting a help ticket here. Our support team is always happy to help! :smiley:


I’ve sent 2 support tickets in total 1, 2 days ago and 1 again today. Haven’t had a resonse…


same, except the don’t respond after a series of texts