My game keeps resetting to ep 5


Hi guys I’m currently playing an episode and I’m loving it but I’ve come across a glitch I’ve played ep 5,6,7 then I came back on and it was reset back to episode 5 again so I played the episodes again thinking it was a one time thing but today It happened again? What do I do? Has anyone else had this issue? I m worried it won’t save any progress as episodes are added on. It’s only happened on one story so far but I’m hoping someone has some advise for me? Thanks guys xx


You should write a ticket.


How do I do this?


@StripieHead how do I do this and what is it?



The link didn’t lead anywhere @StripieHead


If there is an issue, please contact @Ryan or @Jeremy or submit a ticket


Thank you @Writer003


Closing as the OP has reached out to me via PM :v:t2: