MY game stopped working!

my episode app has stopped working since august 2019 every time i would load the app it will say my saved game not restored then the game will load and after a minute the app will get off i got a new phone in December and the same alert comes up so for nine months my app will not load. i have watched many videos on YouTube on how to reset my game data through setting. i have changed my apple id many times and even contacted apple numerous of times but it don’t work. i really dont know what to do

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Have you tried deleting the app then downloading it again?

Yh I have tried that multiple times but the same thing happens

maybe submit a help ticket? @Jeremy could probably send the link

Thanks I will try that

@Itz_els here is the link for the help ticket :slight_smile:

@Penny2 Jeremy is no longer an admin, so make sure to tag me or Nick instead! :grin:

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Alright thanks

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