My gem choice Idea (Opinions?)



I know there’s a lot of people against the gem choice option, but I came up with this idea for my story and I wanted to hear some opinions. :blush:

At the end of my chapters, I wanted to add one gem option for a “fun deleted scene” reading. This scene will be related to the episode but won’t affect the story at all, it’s not a necessary scene, it’s more of an extra that will bring a smile to your face or maybe make you laugh. I haven’t seen any stories out there doing something like this and I thought it’d be pretty cool.

I also don’t even know how much gems they charge but since I got less than 5k reads they’ll probably charge my readers 2 gems? If someone knows information about this, please let me know, because I don’t want my readers to waste more than 10 gems for a 2-3 minute extra scene. I honestly just wanted to charge 2 gems but if I have no control over it, I’m not doing it.


Wow this is such a nice idea!
I support your idea!

maybe episode should let us decide the price? But with a limit


Yesss! Not quite sure how the charging works but letting authors decide the amount (with a limit of course), would be amazing.


I’ve seen this a few times, and I assume it works as people want to read the extra scenes, however, to my knowledge the cost is based on your overall reads. Here’s a quote from the main post.


Good idea. By the way are you still writing your story? I liked it.


I personally like that idea :slight_smile:
I’ve seen a few stories doing something similar. I think it’s a good way of including gem choices without making readers feel like they need to spend gems to enjoy the storyline.


My story will be revamped :smile: I’ve been fixing all my episodes and improving them, I should be updating my story next week since I’m still waiting on some backgrounds to be approved. :heart:


So they don’t go over 10? That’s a relief :smile: Thank you so much!