My gem choices isn't working!

I was thinking of adding of adding gem choices to my story as an option to support the author but when I put the code, as written below:
Would you like to support the author?
choice (author_support)
< GEMS > Absolutely! {

it says invalid syntax, did I do something wrong? Please help!

Some of these things may be wrong, correct me.
The gems choice is coded like this:
“Absolutely!” {
If you want to make it a flagged/remembered choice, add gain author_support! Hopes it helps!

oh, I meant like when the reader pays gems to support the author :slight_smile: but thanks for helping!

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Is there a closing } on another line?

Sorry! Wait I just realized that when I code GEMS with the arrows on the side, it doesn’t show up! weird…anyway i meant to add GEMS before “Absolutely” with the two <> arrows at the side, so when it shows up in the Preview on your phone you can press it, but make sure to add PREMIUM with two arrows <> on the side alongside the GEMS or else the choice will show up silver

Also, you need to put the quotation marks around the choice option “Absolutely!”

Additionally, the spaces around the word gems seem to make the code not work in my test script, so I would recommend rewriting that section as follows:

Would you like to support the author?

choice (author_support)
<GEMS> "Absolutely!" {

this is my gem choice - works fine - if this is your whole code you than forgot the closing bracket of this choice.


Oh! Yea I tried that and it wasn’t working, but thanks for the help! :smile:

OH! OMG thanks so much! I realize that now! thank you so muchhhh!!! and also the same to @Farah_DeSantis and @HaAnh !

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