My gems turn into passes? BUG!


Is this only happening to me?

Let me know if anyone else has posted a topic like this one :sweat_smile:

Sometimes, when I go to collect my daily prize, I see that I’ve earned a gem or two. I click collect and it suddenly turns into passes?! Is this only happening to me, though?

At first, I though “oh, yeah, whatever, i need a pass anyway.” but then it started becoming really annoying!

fix this please!



@Jeremy , @Sydney_H


Have you tried deleting the app and then install it again?


So this has happened a couple times to me, but it’s only because the app is probably glitching because you can tell which days you’re supposed to earn passes and gems and sometimes the system displays the wrong one while trying to give you and all that


well, yes. multiple times


oooh okay. thank you!


@Sydney_H could you please close this topic?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: