My genre of my story won't save to the genre i chose (HELP!)😩

I really need help😩

Wait why doesn’t it save can you send a pic?


it doesn‘t show the correct genre in the create section of the app

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I can’t send a picture because of the low memory on my phone😩


maybe your app isn’t working good at the moment idk

Idk the app is working properly but the genre won’t change in the app do you know what i should do?

try to go on the website again and choose the genre you want and then go to the app again and check out if the genre is right

I guess that should work

ok text me what happened

@cute_cece if that didn’t work, make sure that when you change it press the save changes button otherwise it won’t work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Mine’s been doing this too for the past few weeks. Let me know if you find a fix, because I have not as of yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m pretty sure you have to republish the story too after changing the genre. Any changes you make on the web portal won’t be visible on the app until you update

I had this same problem so I contacted episode and they said it will be the correct genre when you publish