My group need art scene makersss(CLOSED)


closed for now


Moved to Art Resources since it’s for an art group. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:


Hiii!!! Would you mind telling me a little bit about the group?


what would u like to know


Just some stuff about the group! Like the name, what you guys specialize in. I haven’t really seen you guys around the forums so I want to learn more about you guys!!


well the group name is episode sparkles
we are somewhat Instagram based i’m going to be making a thread here soon
we mostly just do all art i myself make splashs and banners


Awesome!! I’ll have to send in an application :wink::joy:




What should I say? I am filling out the application and I am not allowed to tell anyone my real name or age


that’s cool just put -13 or if ur over 13 years old +13
and for ur name just put lunar rose


Thank you!!


your welcomee


I have to put in the date, what date should i put in?


Should I just put todays date?


I aplaied the name I used was a film name


Applied! Do you want my examples?


yes please.



Just wait…wifi is being stoopid


okay take as much time as u need