My group need art scene makersss(CLOSED)


Hey! Are we supposed to give any examples? I wasn’t sure because it didn’t say it in the application and thought that was kind of silly :joy::grin:


yeah can i see ur examples the last form i had and i put thing in to upload examples then when that got full the form wasn’t working



Some of my edits!



DAYUMMM these are hotttt


Thank you!!! :grin::grin::grin:


your welcome
do you have any examples of other work u do u said in the form u do art scenes


Yes I do have some more but they are on my other computer in which I don’t have access to right now


But I do cartoonish art scenes btw like the episode style


And I am still learning to do custom poses


that’s cool i can teach u that


Thank you!! I feel like that is the thing that I have most room to improve on right now!


your welcome


I signed up!
Here are some of my examples!



Untitled134 Untitled150


thx ur examples are good


I don’t like some of them but ty! :hearts:


i think they are very good especially the covers