•My Group Vision•

After various of thinking, I’ve decided that I want to make a new and improved group.
I just need a co-owner, so we can discuss future plans, but they must be skilled in one of these things.

<Reviewer (Highly detailed and specific description. Good grammar and punctuation.)>

<Art~related (This includes splashes, Covers, pfp, editor, ect)>

Please post your examples if you’re examples, I will then PM you an interview.
Be advised that not all art will be accepted: this is not meant to offend any artists.


@Circe_dreamteam @Potatoenesss I see you people liking my post


I like everyone’s posts


Gonna have to arrest you.


Ahah it’s just I wanted to post pics of my examples but they’re on my iPad and it’s almost 6m here (and the iPad is in my mom’s room) so I guess I’m going to have to stick with a like :sweat_smile:


I’ve seen some, on art sharing thread. I’ll PM you.


Oh those aren’t my real ones haha




You can check my insta for my edits and I’ll send you my splashes later xx


What is it?


Yeah those were my first edits I made. :grin:


My insta is @episode.angeln I think


Yep and I’m working on a new edit with a different hair shading & highlighting style


Didn’t find it but what I see is awesome! So I’ll PM


Okay xx But it’s really early here and I need a cup of water so brb :heart: