My Guy will not face the way I would like them too

I have tried everything for him to turn the right way when hugging he will not budge.

rear animations use the facing command in the opposite way, so if you want to make him face left you have to write right

I have tried that. He still wont turn that way

try changing line 282 to “faces right”

I re-wrote this part for you, try it

@JAMES is react_holdface_happy
@JAMES walks to spot 1.309 154 3 in 1 and JAMES does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop
&MELISSA is hug_surprised_loop and MELISSA faces right
@JAMES is hug_neutral_loop_rear and JAMES faces right
MELISSA (hug_talk_concerned_loop)
Oh, one more thing.
&MELISSA is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop
JAMES (talk_agree_happy)

That was very helpful it worked thank you so much! <3

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