My hair won't save! :c


I want to create different outfits with different hairstyles, yet for some reason, there’s a changing skin color option, but not a changing hairstyle option. But the worst thing is, I have a character that has a ponytail as its default hairstyle, but when I go to my outfits, the default for my character with the ponytail has the straight hairstyle of my other character, which really shouldn’t be the default for someone with a ponytail. Then I see the option that allows you to change the character in the outfit. I also switched the skin color just to test it out. I clicked on the save button, refreshed and the skin didn’t change, nor the hairstyle/character. I tested the background color thing and that did save, but not the two rectangular buttons below the save button. Please fix this, thank you.


Did you try refreshing the page??


I think I may be miss understanding what you are saying, but when I change hair or skin, I am able to save it and the person changes for the outfit area as well.
What browser are you using to do this? It could possibly be a browser issue. I use Google Chrome.



Outfit Create

If these are different than what you have, maybe submit a support ticket to Episode.


I use Google Chrome too. I don’t know what’s wrong with mine :'C Thanks for your help though :slight_smile:


Yes, I refreshed multiple times and saved it before that.


Oh, you’re talking about how you see your characters, when you are previewing outfits.

There’s nothing wrong! And it has nothing to do with the character you have created!

The outfits previewer is only helping you to see, how would that outfit look on different characters - because you can of course dress every character into it.


Yes, multiple times. I saved it too.