My head is going to explode

I can’t find the name of this story. It was a mafia story written in Limelight (LL). The MC’s parents died when they were young. She and her twin sister had each others back since then. Her twin sister cheats with the MC’s boyfriend. The typical thing happens the MC walks in on them and gets shocked. She runs and catches a train to her friend’s place. On the train she meets the LI who is a mafia leader. His car gets breakdown or something, so he has to travel by train. Him and his closest men are on the train. I don’t remember what happens but the LI and the MC have some sort of an interaction. I think the MC was getting bad at the LI for some reason. That’s the only thing I remember, unfortunately.
I started keeping a list of stories, I have read so that I can help people find stories or go read them again but I started doing this after I read this book. So the name is not on my list.
Has someone else read it or can help me find the story.

Was it an ink story or LL?

Sorry forgot to mention it was LL.

it’s called (He Owns Me) by Eva


OH my god, that’s the one. Thankyou so much.