☽ My Helping Workshop ☾

Hello everyone, my name is Montana, I was previously known as episode.erayla_x ? (I think that was my old username? :joy:) But anyway, today I have brought to you all, a workshop. Seeing as my break is coming up in a week, I will not have anymore school until next year! yayyy :relaxed:

And I have made other shops, but they either A) failed like cheeseballs or I completely forgot about them and the requests made in them. So! Here I am.

1. I can deny your request if it is too big or hard
2. Please be patient as I do have other things I like to do with my time. Such as eating and sleeping -.-
3. First come first serve!
4. Please do not steal my work, please credit me @Jubels on the forums or @epii.cys on instagram!
5. Do not change any of my work without informing me
6. Do NOT pass my work off as your own
7. Fill out the form completely and to the best of your ability

What I can do
Art scenes :lock:
Covers :lock:
Custom Poses
Character details cards
Pfps (Depending on your request…)
Coding help
Script templates
Story reviews


Custom Poses

I only do INK

Male or female
Character details + outfit + extras


What the splash says
Color, font


I only do INK

Male or female
Waist up or shoulders up
Character details + outfit

Coding help

What do you need help coding with?

Story reviews

Story title
Stories author
Description of the story
Cover (optional)

Waiting list:

  1. @SkyM - Pfp (contest prize) - almost finished just need to shade
  2. @PHCENIX - Art piece (contest prize) - almost finished just need to shade
Some examples

I dont have many examples at the moment because most of my work is on my iPad.
(second one was for an art piece :rofl: dont judge the flaws)



show my girl some love


These are amazing and super cute!



I need some coding help, because sis is dumb…

I want a loading screen, like how episode has it… and I want it to say things like, “Warning” or “You’ll be playing as” I just need help to move the overlays and stuff to certain places! Which leads into another thing, the loading screen background!

Splash Request!
You do not have to do this if you don’t want too!!

What I want: A episode loading screen
Text: Third Wheels the Charm (where Episode logo is supposed to be)
Characters: At the bottom! (I’ll give details later… since I’m in a hurry!)
Any other things/info you need please message me!

Thank you!


Shoulders up.
Pose: idle.
Body: honey.
Brow: medium angled.
Hair: classic bob( black).
Eyes: upturned feline(hickory).
Face: oval.
Nose: elven.
Lips: classic (rosewood)



Hey my story is unpublished!


Story Title: Fame and Glory
Author Name: Samantha79

Story Genre: Romance/ drama
Story Description: I stepped on the red carpet and became famous. I wanted everything under one condition - to fall in love at the end, not at the beginning.
Others: LL, CC, choices matter
Link to my story:

I will get to your requests tonight

Can I get a custom pose

Can get something like the girl in this and can I have her eyes completely white :revolving_hearts:
And the outfit is just something bad@ss

@MelanieyM ok so you want like the overlays and bg or just the coding help? And for the splash, what type of font and color for the text?

@fnepisode so you want the pose to be JUST idle correct?

@Samantha79 I will read your story now :blush:

@epy.love alright sure! Is there a certain way shes facing? and is the facial expression the same?


Yes the facial expression is the same and what ever way makes it easier

Yes, just idle.


mk, I will get to your requests as soon as I can <3

Can you do overlays like these for me. The character details for the girl in the first picture and the boy in the second are
Hair~Beach Wave (Black)
Eyes~Upturned Feline (White)
Eyebrow~Seductive Arch
Mouth~Full Round (Terracotta)
Hair~Short Cropped (White)
Face~Defined Triangle
Eyebrows~Thin Arch
Eyes~Stoic Almond (White)
Mouth~Uneven (Terracotta)

They can be wearing anything but can it be only black clothes and for the guy in the first picture you can customize him but he has to be wearing the skull mask please.

do you have anything SPECIFIC you want in the outfit

so you want the guy to be wearing the skeleton mask in both poses?

No i mean the first pic like the guy in the back you can customize him because him and the guy in the second pic are not the same people that’s why i gave you his details, so only the guy in the first pic needs a mask

No just a black outfit and a KEY necklace pls

Hey guys, sorry to be completely annoying but… I’ll have to wait to do your requests. I have to go to the hospital because my brother was in a car accident. I’m still more then happy to help yous out if you shoot me a dm.

(Contest winners @PHCENIX and @SkyM I have finished your art pieces btw)

@epy.love @Episode4Life1 @Samantha79 @fnepisode @MelanieyM


@Jubels That’s okay it’s no rush