My If/Elif/Else isn't working

Hello guys, for some odd reason my if/elif/else isn’t working. There are no errors but, when I preview the story, it skips the entire if/elif/else coding. Here’s a picture. In the photo, you have the if/elif/else coding right, but for some reason it skips the coding and moves on to Landons part. What do I do?

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This happens when you preview your story on the Writer’s Portal. Try previewing it on the App. :slight_smile:

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I agree with Hairycane. There are certain types of codes (like if/elif/else) that the portal previewer struggles with. Test the section in app and if it still skips, double check the choice names :slight_smile:


I found out the issue! After previewing the story on the app, I didn’t turn on the flag options.


Glad it worked out :slight_smile: