My if's and Elifs still aren't working!

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Anytime I do that it just skips the code! Even in the mobile previewer


I’m not really sure, but you can try this:

if (Gender is “Men”){

What happens here.

} else {

What happens for women.


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I tried, but it’s just skipping past. Ik it works but in chapter 2+ it won’t remember the choice

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Hmmm… that’s strange. Sad thing is that I use gains, not naming the choice, so I’m not really experienced in this part of the field. Let me try figure something out.

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Thank you!

I don’t know how to fix this, here are some tags: @Superpup @Dara.Amarie @EtherealWitch

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I believe naming choices is remembered only in the episode the choice is in. You should use gains


could you give me an example?

In the question put “gain men” in the men choice and “gain women” in the women choice
Then use a if/elif with the gains

If (men) {

elif (women) {


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You don’t need the “ in the gain command

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I’ll fixed the gains in chapter 1, I’ll try on the mobile previewer later.

Am I doing that right in chapter 2?

In the brackets just put the two gains!

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What do I do about this though?

That is because the character LOVE INTEREST is created male or female
If it is male, in the female branch I’d use MILA and then make LOVE INTEREST change into her again
Idk if you understand what I mean

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I fixed it, thank you though!

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If you want to do it that way, you need to name them exactly the same. Right now your choice is named ”gender” but when you recall it, you have if (Gender is ”Men”). They have to be exactly the same. It needs to be
If (gender is ”Men”)

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