My image was rejected


Hello everyone!
My half cover was rejected. The main reason is copyright.
How can I prove them that this image is my artwork?


Episode is SO weird… I’ve never seen anything like your artwork anywhere else so it’s obvious you made it yourself (and it’s amazing btw)

Maybe if you re-submit it? Maybe it was an accident that they rejected it. Or email episode with an attachment of your cover and explain the situation (although episode has been quite unhelpful over these past few weeks, and they take a while to reply to emails- they take their sweet time!) :unamused:

Hopefully it’s just a glitch and they’ll approve it properly if you resubmit it, but if it wasn’t a glitch then you should contact them via email explaining that you created the cover thoroughly. :confused:


Maybe if you remove your watermark to save any confusion?


Oh yeah!! Maybe they think the signature isn’t yours


Thank you so much! I will try to contact them, because it’s not the first time when they rejected it. Firstly they rejected it because it’s a sign of nudity and now copyright. I am willing to wait their answer via e-mail and if they will reject it again, I will make a new one.


No no don’t scrap all your amazing hard work! They’re bound to approve it eventually :blush:


I guess you are right! I will change mi signature and they won’t have a problem anymore. The funny thing is that “Foxie” & “Foxina”(also my signature) are my nicknames xD


I won’t, thank you so much for answering, both of you! I really appreciate your advices :hugs::fox_face:


You could reach out to them to ask them specifically what needs to be changed. But if they already told you it’s a copyright violation then chances are (I think) you need to remove the signature. Either that or the background image of the cityscape is copy-written. See, this is why I’m on the forums and not image reviews, lol. Best bet is to reply to them asking what needs to be changed. Sorry and hope it works out :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your advice. About the background, well, I saw many writers who use backgrounds from the internet and Episode approved their covers, I removed the signature and re-uploaded my edited cover. I hope they will approve it this time, and if they not, then I will give them an e-mail about this problem, and what I need to manage it. As a conclusion, I really hope this works out and you don’t need to apologize. Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding after all! :fox_face:


It’s probably the signature. If not, though: is the background a royalty-free image? That might be an issue. If so, I’m sure you can find one from Pexels :slight_smile:


I checked the background, I searched for royalty-free image and I found my background from a video. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:: I hope this won’t cause any problems. Thank you so much for your advice!


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Oh, sorry about that! I will pay attention to the tutorial and I will be more careful next time! :see_no_evil::fox_face:


Great news, guys!
My half cover was finally approved, which means, you were right about the signature!
Thank you so much for your support and advices, it means a lot to me! You guys are simply are the best! I wish all of you a wonderful day!
@Sydney_H, the case was solved and you can close the topic! Again thank you for everything! :hugs::fox_face:



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: