My Issues With Pitch Perfect


To be completely honest when Episode announced that they were doing a Pitch Perfect story I wasn’t that excited because I knew that there will be plenty of gem choices and things of that nature. When I found out there was an actual singing voices I thought that was pretty cool, but overall the story has a whole lot of drawbacks.

  1. Gem choices
    The gem choices weren’t that plentiful, but were placed shitly through out the episodes I could stomach. The one I remember the most is when you’re at audition and Beca offers to let you wear her old Bellas uniform from the first movie and you have to pay even though she offered it. If you don’t pay for the outcome you’re forced to perform in a towel in front of like a dozen people. Also I found out no matter how many gems you spend the Bellas still kick you off the team. I know it’s a game, but it’s sort of messed up.

  2. Cliché Story Plots
    I think the one I hate the most is the mean girl that plots against you for no reason which is Talia. Talia threatens to destroy you etc, etc. It’s nothing new. Then there’s Charlie, the boy you’re not supposed to be flirting with, but you do anyway. I honestly dislike Charlie more than Talia because in the first episode he’s pretty rude straight off the bat then his character does a 360 and he’s all nice and helpful with zero character development involved what so ever. And there’s a mysterious bad boy, who hates people. You meet him in the worst way possible also. You’re in a towel (the same one you will be forced to audition in if you don’t cough up some cash) and about to start showering and he’s in the bathroom showering as well and you here him sing. So MC gets it through her mind that throwing open his shower curtain while 9 times out of 10 would be butt naked. Even though he’s not mad it’s extremely creepy especially when you try to befriend him while wrapped in a towel.

  3. Diversity
    The cast of the Pitch Perfect story is completely white unless MC is a person of color. There is one token person of color called Lolly I believe, but she say shit and acts extremely weird. The writers of the story erased every single person of color and member of LGBT community from the Bellas and even wrote Audrey into the story and she graduated off screen at the end of the second movie. I honestly don’t have a probably with any of the cast of PP, but it’s not cool how Episode failed to include minorities. It’s also extremely hypocritical because Episode has pushed for diversity in the past and even has standards, but they fail to follow their own rules (again.) As a person of color I am sort of hurt, but it’s just a game. The worst part is that Cynthia Rose and Lilly have been in EVERY Pitch Perfect movie unlike Hailee Steinfeld’s character, who is in the game. Flo who is played by a Latina actress named Chrissie Fit should have also been included, she’s been in two movies just like Emily. I just wanted to point out this was not okay.

Good job Episode Team! :+1:t5:


I KNOW right? :smirk:


And to make matters worse to number 3, if you make the MC a person of color, her siblings and parents will still have Caucasian features.


While i agree with some of this the story is based off the movie thts why Lolly(lilys sister) is weird and as far as ik the bellas didnt swing tht way(could b wrong not tryn to fight) im sure they didnt do it on purpose. But definetly disliked the non skintone/hair color changing parents.


Cynthia Rose was like, my favorite character. I don’t see why she didn’t get to be in the story. Makes me so sad… :disappointed:


And just like the Demi Lovato story, the Latina character (Talia) seems to be the villain and very rude. Can’t we give a little more love to Latinas and represent them better?

I believe they’re both Latinas. Not entirely sure.


Very cliche. It’s just another usual story where you thought you’d not be accepted but in the end, you were chosen. Then your opponent was connected to one of your love interests. Then she tries to destroy you. Very cliche.

P.S. Not sounding mean, okay? :smile:


I actually really liked the directing and backgrounds in Pitch Perfect. I liked how it appeared that the characters were really singing, and thought those scenes where well handled. I also, like the cartoon-ish backgrounds for the story. It helps set it apart from other stories.

But, I do have quite a bit of issues with the story itself. (please note: I have not seen all of the Pitch Perfect movies. I saw the first one a while ago, because it was on television, and I wasn’t even paying that much attention, so I really have little, to no knowledge of the Pitch Perfect films. So, these criticisms are based on a episode reader, and how this story holds up as someone who isn’t a hardcore fan of the Pitch Perfect films)

  1. I agree with you on Talia, her only purpose in the story is to be an antagonistic character, who causes problems for M/C.
  2. I really disliked the aftermath of the Treble’s house being burned down. How everyone immediately blamed the M/C with no reason behind it. If anything, it’s more of Charlie’s fault that the fire started, for pushing Levi, knocking over the candle.
  3. Speaking of Levi and Charlie, I don’t like either as love interests, and frankly, didn’t want to pick one. Both were whiny, and overly jealous. I reluctantly picked Charlie, but I hope now that the love triangle is over, that it can be a healthier relationship (psshhhh, nah – drama expected to come =P).
  4. I also agree on your opinion on Lolly – she’s just… odd to say the least. She doesn’t really further the plot or anything, she doesn’t have any reason to be on the Bellas, other than the fact that her sister was a ‘legacy’. She’s just there.
  5. I end up finding most of the scenes with Gale and Bumper to not be that funny (as, the scenes with them in it, are most certainly for comedy purposes), but instead quite awkward. The chemistry the two have together, which is supposed to be comedic rivals, just doesn’t really make me interested.
  6. Gem choices – now my opinion on gem choices hasn’t changed. I still see why they are included in the story, as a company decision, but I feel like they can sometimes be a little too much. The gem choices in this story, though frequent, don’t change the story. All the same plot points still happen, I believe if you do not use the gem choices. For example, with outfit gem choices, all that will really happen if you don’t choose the gem choice, is someone will say one shady thing about your outfit choice, which is fair enough.
    The only real thing that bugs me with gem choices, is when major decisions cost gems (this happens all. of. the. time, in Pretty Little Liars). This is quite annoying, as you feel like you are missing out, as a reader, if you do not have enough gems to use a certain option.
    So, I was relieved to see that Pitch Perfect doesn’t follow in those same footsteps.

Anyways, that’s my just my opinion, and I didn’t hate the story, and I actually had some fun reading it, so if you liked it, good for you, I’m glad you enjoyed something that just wasn’t my cup of tea.



Speaking of love interests, they just added more episodes and introduced another love interest who acts as your tutor. The love triangle continues.


I think it was based on choice, the presence of characters I mean. Any game, movie, book, TV show etc would portray a celebrity or any famous person only if the said celebrity or famous person wants to be portrayed. Maybe the characters you mentioned above didn’t want to be portrayed or make an appearance in the Episode game. And if that’s not the case, then yeah, I would’ve too loved to see the diverse characters from Pitch Perfect series.
Lilly’s sister Lolly is just there to provide light humor if the scenes get too much intense-ish. But Gale and Bumper together to be speaking about acapella groups seems to me to be big no-no. Bumper and Fat Amy are okay, though.
And it really annoys me - “You get into Barden Bellas and out of Barden Bellas and again into Barden Bellas and even become their well-rejoiced leader in the story. But it doesn’t matter if you spend gems on the choices or not.” This is just like Mean Girls: Senior Year. No matter you spend gems on every golden choice, you end up in U Of E instead of your dream university that is Yale.
The towel part is really embarrassing. I mean, C’mon! Does that ever happen in real life? You just run off to the auditions in a freaking towel?! Jesus Christ! It. Should. Never. Happen.

I…have spoken!



It’s honestly the same as Demi Lovato story. Whenever anything goes wrong MC is blamed and that’s how she gets kicked off tour and her record company fails. Honestly the only people of color in both of those stories are antagonist and the one love interest in the Demi Lovato even though Alex and/or Taylor treats MC like crap and I’m pretty sure they cheat on her with a girl in a cat suit or something and gets mad when MC almost misses his gig.


I totally agree with everything you said-- except the person of color thing. You do realize that “person of color” does not only apply to African/African-American people, right? That would be like me, an Asian female, saying, all white people are from England.


Yeah, people of Asian descent literally have zero features in ink which is frustrating if someone wants to write an OC or someone wants to customize a character to look like them They also forgot Native Americans like most people do. Honestly in most Episode stories there’s like one token black person who acts ghetto and stuff and they’re irrelevant to the plot. And I’m like sweetie that’s not diversity. Overall as a person of color in non-customization character stories that people love like Chain Reaction there are literally no people of color except this one guy who’s like a dirtbag and I’m pretty sure he’s white also.


fucking hell


Lol those love interest suck… :roll_eyes:


I totally agree! The love interests are so unrealistic. Maybe if they had tried to add just a little effort into them, I could’ve enjoyed both love interests :slight_smile:


And that is why I don’t like CC



Okay can I just say something? I ABSOLUTELY HATED how Pitch Perfect ended at Episode 30.
A lot of you said that the mc gets blamed for everything and I completely agree.

When things are going well everyone likes you but as soon as the slightest problem occurs everyone turns their back to you. Like wth? That’s not how friends work.

Also, after FINALLY choosing between Charlie or Levi (I didn’t like either of them but I had to choose) guess what happens? Another love interest comes into the story!


So me being an ACTUAL good person, I don’t let my character flirt with the new love interest. WHY DO YOU FLIRT WITH SOMEONE WHILE DATING SOMEONE ELSE?

Does Episode just want the mc to be slutty? Oh and get this, at the end when the mc must choose between 2 guys AGAIN, Becca offers the most shitty advice I ever heard:“Pick one or the other, or pick both! This is the 21th century after all.”


I will NEVER be in a relationship with a girl while she’s dating someone else too. I mean who does that??? Relationships are special, but yeah why don’t you just date 2 people at the same time, marry 2 people and those 2 people will be FINE with it cause you’re DEFINITELY NOT a slut. :roll_eyes:

Let’s face it, the mc from Pitch Perfect is a slut, she even told her boyfriend her most fond memory of them was when “she finally chose him.” WHAT?!

No, it’s not right dating 2 people at once, and it’s definitely not right of Episode forcing a new love interest on us and we can’t even choose neither??

Some people are actually HAPPY being single you know? You don’t need a boyfriend or a girlfriend to be happy and successful in life and Episode should give us the choice to pick neither.

Thanks for reading my long rant. :smile:


Also, the third love interest (the tutor) just tries to kISS YOU OUT OF NOWHERE LIKe you two met for the second time! I repeat! SECOND TIME!!!


I think they just wanted the most popular pp characters. None of the extra less important characters were there.