My job really sucks

My sister tested positive for COVID she does not live with me but she stayed the night Thursday and came over Friday and she tested positive Friday. I told my job and I still have to work but with a mask.


If you told your job, they should have made you self isolate for 2 weeks. Having contact with someone who tested positive means that you have to, legally.


I know and what makes it worse is that I am a caregiver so I take care of people in there house and there like we are short staffed just wear a mask. The other people that work here are mad because one has a child.


I would send you a link to the UK legislation site (as it wouldn’t be under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974) as this corresponds to the UK in particular, although I’m sure it’s similar where you live.

Wherever you live, you are obligated, by law, to self isolate for 2 weeks. Since your job involves actively staying at peoples houses, you are not required to be paid during that period, but you must legally self isolate. If they are not allowing you to do so with possible threat of termination, threaten to take them to court. You will win. It does not matter if they’re short staffed. Once again, maybe they should read up ‘Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974’ as well as the updated Coronavirus guidelines.

What’s worse is that there are children/other citizens involved. The company you work for clearly doesn’t care about the workers or customers and I would, personally, advise a change in workplace as soon as possible, but it’s completely your decision.

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Yes I do need to look for a different job. I was the one who took my sister to the doctor and even the doctor said I need to stay home for 2 weeks. Also my job said we can not grant a vacation requests only the people with have COVID can stay home for 2 weeks. I don’t know why she said that because COVID is serious and not a vacation.

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What I’d recommend is calling your doctor and getting a note just to better prove that you should legally stay home. If your workplace still does not allow you with the added proof, that’s when legal action should be taken.

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I’d also recommend sending an email to your company about the matter for more proof that they are refusing to let you self isolate. They can lie about words but not about written proof.

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