My K&T Story contest entry

Hey all! I’m a small author just trying to get my work seen, and it would be awesome if you would check out my new K&T story! I know my directing isn’t as advanced as a lot of other authors, but I put a lot of effort into the plot, and it means a lot to me. :blush: Also, if you want to do a read for read, let me know!
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Title: K&T: Drunken Kisses
Author: Sapphire
Genre: Romance
Description: She is wildfire, dancing, glimmering, beautiful- and she loves to challenge you. Can you keep up?
A story about letting go of fear. Standing for what you believe in without feeling ashamed, to family, friends, everyone. Learning to love yourself and allowing yourself to be yourself.

This is the cover!

And here’s the link:

Thank you! :blob_hearts:


Would you be interested in a read for read?


Cool. This is my story.
Title: Josephine (LL)
Author: Matilda
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 9 (more coming)
Description: Josephine catches her fiance in an affair. After the betrayal, she struggles to piece her life back together. What happens when she swears off all commitment? Will she find love again? CC 2LI (CC)

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Hey if ur up for r4r let me know :smile:

Author TamiRose
Genre Romance
Description Neoni, independently strong, confident and all about her business. But, that all changes when a nosy spy unnecessarily enters her life. Will she get rid of him or fall in love?



Sure, I’m down :grin:

Cool beans. Let me know when you start and I’ll start yours and post SS here :laughing:

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Hi! I’m not entering the contest, but the plot of your story had me hooked! Love the cover as well. I also really like that choices matter and that you show points at the end of each chapter.

Untitled-4 tumblr_fe0a7a0dc6aac95495d84e179b595192_40e31b57_640

tumblr_96f1ec30cea416f4d7fbb777fb1a2282_eaa7b4da_640 tumblr_499d5b6b7996d425e1f35dd98bedb613_763b95af_640

tumblr_fe0a7a0dc6aac95495d84e179b595192_40e31b57_640 tumblr_2387ebf4dc6c19053ae6ea2dce4db0e6_a78b06ab_640

tumblr_96f1ec30cea416f4d7fbb777fb1a2282_eaa7b4da_640 tumblr_6a94a225758ed8b07b45c24a794192de_5635f949_640

A couple things I noticed:

  • Not sure if I overlooked it, but I could not fully customize the Main Character (except for hair and lipstick during the dressing games). Just the love interest. It’s totally fine, but you have “Full CC” in the description, so I was a little confused why I could only give the Main Character their own name but not change their physical appearance.

  • This might be a personal pet peeve, but you used idle reactions to illustrate the character speaking.
    I think both of these animations would do well as stand alone animation bits before or after the characters speak, but that’s just a personal preference.

  • The airport scene where you pick up Amity is completely empty.
    I didn’t get a chance to capture the entire scene before it panned back to the main character, but it would be nice to see some background characters in public places. Episode Luxe has a script template you might find useful:

Overall, very great and engaging story! I look forward to reading more. Good luck in the contest!

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Hey! Wanna r4r?

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Thank you so much for the screenshots and feedback!

  • I’m not sure why you weren’t able to fully customize, you’re supposed to be able to. I don’t think anyone else has had that issue, but I’ll doubt check :thinking:
  • For the airport scene, I know it shouldn’t be empty. It bothers me that it is, actually :pensive: I was sick and in the hospital for a long time, and ended up writing an entire chapter and a half in one day to be able to finish in time for the contest. I published literally one minute before the deadline :sweat_smile: I didn’t have time to add background characters, music, custom backgrounds/overlays, etc.

I’ll be editing it quite a bit once the contest is over :smile: Thank you again! :sparkling_heart:

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Sure :blush:

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That was definitely my bad then, sorry! :sweat_smile: I wouldn’t have changed much except maybe her eye color or something anyways.

I’m glad you were able to submit it before the deadline ahh!!! :revolving_hearts: Also, I hope you feel better. A lot of my coworkers are getting sick too. :persevere:

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there you go!

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Thank you! Here’s your’s :smile:

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I really enjoyed it! Can’t wait for more :blush:

Thank you for reading.

I’ve read two so far. Have to wait a few hours for passes to refill :roll_eyes: I’ll send another SS after I finish up 3.

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I finished your story! Will dm you in IG

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Hi @Sapphire15
Are you still interested in r4r? <3

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Sure! :smile:

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