My large cover won't upload (Writer's Portal)

Hi! So I’ve been trying to upload my cover art for my new story Wastelands, but it keeps saying: “Error: Processed size of Large Cover Art (1.13 MB) is over the limit (1.0 MB)! Try reducing the selected area of the image or compressing the image. PNG format is highly recommended.”

The first time my cover was indeed too big, so I reduced the size with an online compress tool, and then it was (on my computer) 939 kB, which is sufficient right? Then I got the same message, see above, and I found another compressor that reduced the size even more, to 349.7 kB. But the same message appeared over and over and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

The small cover did upload smoothly without problems (after reducing the file size). So help me out here, please!

EDIT: This is my image. The size doesn’t fit exactly, but I just rescaled using the tool in the uploading menu.

Hey there @Freckles, sorry to hear about your issue. I’d suggest submitting a help ticket to our support team. They’d be happy to help you figure it out! :smile:

Hey, thanks for the quick reply! I didn’t know such a thing existed, I’ll definitely go check it out. :slight_smile:

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I would check the size, here are the sizes for it to work. Hope this helps!
Splash 640x1136
Pfp 800x800
Small cover 420x580
Large cover 966x640
Art scene one zone 640x1136
Art scene two zones 1280x1136
Art scene three zones 1920x1136
Banner 800x312

I just tried using the exact size you told me, but nothing happened, it kept giving me the error message… :sweat:

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Oh sorry :persevere:

It’s okay! At least I now know that didn’t work, haha :smiley:

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@Sydney_H Hey, I’m checking the help ticket form now but I’m not sure what to fill in under “Support ID*” Any suggestions?

Oh yeah! :smiley: The support ID is found on the Episode app. Go into Settings under the menu, and scroll down to Support. The ID should be at the bottom of that list. :wink:

Found it, thanks a lot! :smiley:

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