My last word to everyone

This is my last word to everyone.
I have made my mistakes on this forum which I might be judged for but I don’t want that to come in between me and other people’s friendships. You might not be able to forgive me or anything but in my opinion forgiving is everything so I dont blame you if you dont forgive me but I was hurt before and I didnt want that to happen again. You might miss me and you might not but these are my last words.
Thank you for being as kind and forgiving but i think its time I leave the forums


@Epy.raven - I am sorry if I ever offended you in a way I dont know
@L.I.W.F - I know you might have gotten angry with me before and plz forgive me
@Mariyana - I haven’t and won’t do anything to offend you but if you felt offended with the problem with @awalls14 I am sorry
I am sorry if you felt we treated or made you feel bad for what you said but dont it wasnt nice but you expressed what you felt and expressing is OK
And anyone else that thinks I hurt them in anyway I am sorry



:sob: Bye…

Sorry if I offened you in any way

You haven’t and I’m sorry you feel this way…

No its fine and I know I might have gotten you angry or something I am sorry for that

Omg stop you making me cry

No it’s fine, I’m just sad your leaving :disappointed:

Moved to Episode Fan Community as it is about the community but not about art. :wink:

Why am i making you cry for

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
IDK you but it’s so sad to see you go!!!

Its ok I dont know when I will come back but I think I deserve it

You don’t have to say that!

We haven’t known each other for a long time, but I’ll miss you :disappointed_relieved:


Good cuz she doesn’t deserve to go. :slightly_smiling_face:

How come you’re leaving? Everyone’s leaving, damn…


it’s too bad you’re quitting, enjoy the rest of
your life ?

okay that was awkward sounding.

No its not a lie yesterday was my last day

You’re still here?

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wait what, i am so sorry i didnt meant you to offended you, i am so sorry if i am the reason you are leaving then i can leave you can stay here