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@Sayanjali_Rizvi your cover is done! Would you like anything changed?


I hope you can make covers for me in the future!! And I will give thanks to you in my story!! Thank you so much!!


No problem! :blush:


why the cover not right demensions


is that just for me or is it supports to be like that


Are you uploading it as a small cover? And did you click on it before saving it to bring the cover to its full size?


i click on it then saved it


Left or right clicked before you saved it?


oo awkward



i did as small cover


Okay, great! :blush:



can i have one big cover too


sorry if im kinda greedy


Sure, you’ll get it a little later though as I have a couple other requests I have to finish first. But you can already send the details if you want. :blush:


ok thanks

ill give details later


Alright :smiley: I’ll be going to bed soon but I’ll see it in the morning :revolving_hearts:


guys outfit

black colour hair guy wearing:

any boxer dark colour (black)


light haired guy

light colour boxer (grey or white)

both guys in seducing poses

in center the theres a silhouette thinking woman back



is that appropriate for episode


Yeah that should be appropriate. You’ll either get it tomorrow or in a few days. :sparkling_heart: