My Little Art Shop



ok thanks


are you really a robot


jk :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Not at all! What do I credit you as?


(AT SYMBOL) problematic_Patrick


you welcome wheres my thanks you huh


just kiding


I would love a splash for the title if my story what all do you need and of course I’ll give credit


i think he gone to bed


not 100% sure


he will be here tomorrow maybe


im kylie how about you


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I left my question about a splash up


You can credit me by my instagram @Problematic_Patrick :sparkling_heart:


I’ll need

Character details, if you want characters on it


If you want a certain font

The title of the story

The author if you want the author on the splash


one question how long does it take too get a your own background to not be in in review

anwser if you know


It can take several days. I think the most it can take is up to a week, for me at least.


o snap it takes so long