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family friendly :smile: :+1:t4:


OK ty soooo much I’ll get that to you tomorrow OK


OK course I’ll credit you​:hugs::hugs:


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Ty for clearing it up. I’ll pm you Patrick with my details . ok


Patrick is it working,well the big cover


I haven’t started on yours yet; I’m doing another request first as they requested before you requested the second cover :sparkling_heart:


ok thanks :smile:


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are you still working on other people art :woman_shrugging:


are you done doing some making other people backgrounds


Patrick did you get the pm with my details


I sent Patrick a pm with my character information today like I said


You’re welcome


could i have a splash?

story is ink.

(warning: this story contains strong language and mature themes)

KYLIE holding a knife to RYDER’S THROAT while he’s swearing and KYLIE is smirking (put a censor bar on RYDER’S mouth too !)
^KYLIE is WAYYYYY shorter than RYDER

background; something like an alley? or something that looks like a gang would be in.

(turn your sound on)

KYLIE and ATHENA sharing headphones and listening to music.
(KYLIE’S gonna have bruises on her and ATHENA’S gonna be holding a gun while looking at it and they’re sitting)

background: maybe a rooftop?

KYLIE: caramel, oval, upturned feline (white), straight (charcoal), thick flat, upturned, full round (terracotta) (outfit is anything black that looks gang-ish )

ATHENA: caramel, soft heart, upturned feline (green), beach wave (black), defined natural, soft natural, full round (terracotta) (outfit is anything thats a crop top and jeans)

RYDER; honey, diamond, deepset peircing (auburn), pompadour (black), thich arch, button, smirk (terracotta), lady rose tattoo (shirtless w shorts or jeans)

and make the text font something simple, thank you so much !


Hey, I would like to request an portrait :sun_with_face:

Skin tone Rose 03
Hair Sleek Ponytail
Hair color Ash blonde
Eyes Deep set false lashes smokey
Eye color Green Emerald
Eyebrows Arched natural scar (Deep brown)
Lip Full flat top pouty
Lip color Blood orange matte
Face shape Diamond
Nose Round button
Also the outfit
-Ankle lengthtight grey black
-calf length rolled patterned socks short heel boots suede red rosewood
-Bralette Halter sides lace detailing Silk red cherry.
-Tied flannel black jacket
-Floral tattoo Ink mutlicolor


Yes, you should have the splash in a few days :sparkling_heart:


no not yet :sparkling_heart:


Your covers are done. Do you want me to change something?