My Little Art Shop



patrick, could you change the font and make it a bit smaller please ? <3



To which font? :sparkling_heart:


maybe a black and white bold? (:


Oh and for the background I want a pastel background.


okie ty!


Is this ok?


yes ! but could you make the texts a bit smaller pleasee ?


This small?


yes, its perfect ! <3


How do I get them to my episode account?


Do you mean how to upload the covers?



  1. Log into your episode account
  2. Select the story you want to upload the covers to from the “My stories” area on the left.
  3. Once you’re on the site of the story, click on the little image next to the title and story type.
  4. This will take you to a site where you can upload the covers. You click choose file on the small and large covers to upload them


Ok. Thanks Patrick!


You’re welcome! :sparkling_heart:


patrick ! could i have a flashlight overlay? one w no light & the same one but w light ? <3


Hey , I saw some of your work , and I was wondering if you can make me two splashes for my story , I need one for Mature themes and one for music


These are the characters that i want to use for the one about mature theme and strong language


(as one of the characters )

please tell me if there are any problems


You should have them in a few days. Do you want characters on the sound splash as well, or not? :sparkling_heart: