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do you have any overlays that are bullets, mini explosions, fire, spilled gas and a lighter?


It’ll be a bit before I get to your request, but you can also check sites like pngtree, pixabay, pngmart and snipstock if you’d like to look yourself to get the overlays quicker :sparkling_heart:


okay, thats fine !


Yes i want the sound splash


This is the character i want to use for the sound splash


I don’t want to be a pain but could you make the large cover either smaller or move up the by Marissa Anson? It’s getting cut off.


Does this work better?


Yes. Thanks again!


Actually, it’s not working. It’s too big. Sorry. @Problematic_Patrick


The cover is too big?


Yeah. I keep getting message saying it’s too big.


Large Cover Suggested: For quality, images should be at least 966x642 There is another number there, so thats why its too big. :wink:


Does it say the dimensions are too big or the file size?


thank you :sparkling_heart:


Nevermind. I got it to fit. I’m not sure what I did but it works now. Thanks again! Sorry for the trouble.


No problem :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Do you want me to change anything?


Is this ok?


Do you want me to change anything?


YES! It is perfect, tysm! Ur so good lmao. How should I credit you?


You can credit my instagram @Problematic_Patrick :blush::sparkling_heart: