My Little Art Shop



Okay! I want to follow you on episode, since you created this beautiful art!


It’s Problematic_Patrick on there as well :blush:


no it’s perfect, tysm!!!


Okay, I’ll follow you! My account is Pastelthunder8 (ik it’s a weird username). Should I pm you for the link of my story when my story is published, if that is alright with you?


Yes :blush:


Hhheeyy… so there is this person that needs a top view of this overlay:
Do u think you can do it?


I’ll try :sparkling_heart:


Thank you so much


@Problematic_Patrick Hey are you busy right now because I would real lieek to get an internal club background with like a disco ball and different color lights. The left side can have a wall with some tables and sits (like 3 table with 2 sits each) The right side could have a stage with two poles or so people can dance and beside teh table there is dj area. If that not to hard I would love to see what you can come up with


Your edit is done. I was kinda bored so I made two versions. It doesn’t even really look like Limelight anymore but oh well :joy::joy:


I am a little busy, but I can do it. You should have it in a few days :sparkling_heart:


But they look fabulous :heart:,
Thank you again hahah.


No problem :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


It’s okay with me


hey patrick, you can cancel my request (w the bullets) :))


Sure, thanks for letting me know! :blush::sparkling_heart:


hey patrick, could i get some beer,vodka,liqour (alcohol) overlays?
& also a white blanket?


I forgot to ask how do you want me to give you credit ?


You can credit my instagram @Problematic_Patrick :sparkling_heart:


I’ll look for some for you tomorrow :grin::sparkling_heart: