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thank youu <3


Do these work? And as for the blanket, do you mean like an aerial view of a white blanket?


I tried :rofl:


so comfy to snuggle up in! :heart_eyes:WOOPPPPYYYY XD


yep & thank youu




I have this one


maybe something a bit more messyyy?


TY! I will send it 2 her! I am sure she will love it!


I’ll have a look :blush:


So this is what I found. Do any of these work? (Of course, I’d still have to cut out the blanket and make it an overlay. And depending on the one you pick, try to turn it light gray or white)


yep that white one works!


I’ll cut it out :sparkling_heart:


okay :)) and do you do eye overlays??


What do you mean by that? :sparkling_heart:



like the overlays you put behind characters w their eyes cut out so you can replace them w eye overlays so it can look like the eyes are moving :)) and thank youu <3


I’ve actually never heard of that before. Would the eye overlay be the cutout of the character without the eyes or the eyes which are moved? :thinking:


they eyes which are moved, youve read war dogs right?


kinda like the eyes you put behind this, where you put white box or circle thatll fit the head and put the eye w it .