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it should look like this the poses but with my charaters


Could you make a small and large cover for me?


I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the poses exactly like that but I’ll give it a shot. :grin::sparkling_heart:


Sure, send me the details!


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@AmazinglyLost @Sayanjali_Rizvi @kyliewrites21 Is it a small or large cover or both?


If I have some free time I’ll join. :sparkling_heart:


Title is Adventurous: Conquering New Heights
Background Zip lining if that’s not too hard. If it is, do rock climbing please.
I’ll screenshot the characters in a separate post.
Author name: Marissa Anson




Both please!!


Could you send me their character details? And by background zip lining/rock climbing, do you mean you want them to be doing that, or just for there to be a background of a zip line/rock wall?


Can you do both if you don’t mind?


Yes. I can send their details. For the background I want them to be zip lining/rock climbing. Like show them doing it.


Okay :relaxed:


Julian- generic short hair black, honey skin, thin arch eyebrows, piercing almond eyes brown, diamond face, aquiline nose, and small round lips terracotta.
Wally- euro style hair black, caramel skin, narrow gentle eyes brown, square jaw face, strong nose, and smirk lips terracotta. Style ink. Thanks @Problematic_Patrick


make it slimer


The splash?


cover the nerd in lingerie


i would like a cover it will look like this but the tittle will be The nerd in lingerie

with the same charaters for the story uses strong language and muture themes!

out the girl is the same as last time but the guys are diferent guy in light haired guys hair outfit is…
Sleeves Swoopneck Neutral White,Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Blue Oxford,Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black

black haired guy is wearing roy out but not roy (only his outfit)

this is roys out fit but on black hair guy



you said i cant get the same pose but you can do something simaller


Oh, no I said I can try to do the pose. But if I can’t do it then I’ll try something else. I’m still gonna try to do the pose first. :sparkling_heart: