My Little Background Shop 💜 (Closed)

Ever felt that the backgrounds on episode catalong aren’t sufficient?, limiting your creativity of backgrounds…?
Then I’m here to help!

Form (Just copy and paste it in your reply.)
  • Description of background-
  • Reference pic( if there is)-
  • Panel size-
  • Any additional info-

(Don’t dare to steal cuz there’s a special watermark! :grin:)

Happy requesting!


I’m not in need of a bg now, but those are really great! :slight_smile: :exploding_head:

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I’m gunna bookmark this incase i need some later but they are amazing. Good job!


heyy , ur examples are really beautiful …
im requesting for a bg :sparkles:

  • Description of background- a white underground office with big computer and coputer machnes and one chair screens , (like a secret room) . also u can put waiting seats near by the side
  • Reference pic( if there is)-

    show be bright with lights . (not an exact reference but i hope it can work)
  • Panel size- 3 panel size
  • Any additional info- u can put a machinary stand for virtual represntation.
    chair show be 2 .
    also it’s night so u can put side showing window too.
    hope to have a early reply.
    thank you !
    any doubts let me know !!:sparkling_heart:
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Ah actually, I’m a bit busy with other stuff to make backgrounds now hehe
My bad- I should’ve closed the shop :sleepy:

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Hey @Nick
Can ya close this? Ty

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