My.... Mafia Story?


Hey, so I am 13 years old and well, I am writing a Mafia story. I know that in real life that they are bad, but I do know what mafia/gangs are, as I have done much research. I need opinions. Should I be writing it? I know, it might hurt or give someone the wrong idea, but I know what I am doing with this story. It’s not violent at all but it does involve shooting. If it is a mafia story does it make my story bad?? Please let me know what you think!!


Babygirl!! Write what you want. Stay within the guidelines and then don’t worry too much about it. As long as you’re being respectful and conscious, then no one should tell you what to write or not write.
You got this! :blue_heart:


Thanks, @RudeInception it’s just I was reading a closed thread about What Makes Mafia stories okay and it kind of got me thinking, “Should I be writing a story about Mafias?” and I was confused and I don’t want to seem like stupid kid who thinks they know it all. But I mean, I know what mafia/gangs are. I actually researched for hours before even writing the plot for my story, just so I know what I am about to write. But writing a Mafia story has an effect on my life because this story means a lot to me because of a recent crisis in my life and I felt like it would help me steam off.


And that’s what writing is about. Putting yourself out on paper (internet paper lol) and feeling good about it. It’s your story. Tell it how you want!


Means a lot, thanks!


Hey, I got a GREAT answer for my question!!


Hey! Mafia stories on Episode has become some sort of a cliche, there are way too many of those but if you write your own original and interesting storyline I don’t see why it won’t be good!

btw I kinda figured what thread you were talking about, I was a part of that thread it kinda got out of control don’t take it too hard there are some really good stories that answer content guidelines on Episode too!


Yeah, trust me, mine is NOT not cliche. Do you want to know my story description??


Sure, I would love to!


It might sound cringey but, here ya go:

After losing her brother in a failed mission, she takes the place as leader. She is cold hearted but what if someone in her Mafia can change that?


I might change it to a less cringey and cliche description.


Is it Romance? Or is that a different kind of someone in the mafia can change that lol

Sounds good though


Oh, it’s kind of a romance but it’s mostly Action and Drama. But it will end like a Romance story, marrying and having a kid.


Sounds nice


I mean it implies as a romance story but in my opinion, it’s drama and action. Thanks.


If you want some feedback about the story plot you can PM me but only if you want feedback just offering some friendly help lol


Alright I will.


Check your PMs, girly!!


@Ryan Pleeeease Close this thread!!


Closing per OP request :v:t2: