My MC appears as my avatar

So I’m trying to write a story I have made it to the second episode but as it appears something goes wrong with my main character. When I try to read my story by my phone it changes it in to my avatar…Can anybody tell me what’s going on?

do you have universal cc in your script?

I used one from the templates…as you can see.
Will it help if i share the link,maybe you could try and read it and see if the first person changes into your avatar?!

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Here is the link… if someone wants to tell me if it does it to them too…

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yeah i think you used the universal customization template, which automatically changes the MC to the reader’s avatar

How do I change that? Should I write it on my own or just use another script template?

dara amarie has the manual customization templates on her website as well as the universal one you used

but its really up to you; using the universal cc is faster and takes up less lines of code, while the other one lets readers change up their look :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Thanks a lot for the information <3…I will try to change it now :blush:

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no problemo

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