My MC needs a date idea


Okay, so here’s the deal: My MC needs to take the guy she likes on the best date ever because she severely ruined their first one and needs to make up for it. But I’m struggling because I don’t know what this date should be.

For my story, this date is ideally inside because it’s set in winter in Britain and preferably only takes a few hours and isn’t that late in the evening because the idea is that they go to a party together afterwards. However, if necessary, I can have the date and party happen on separate occasions.

I would be grateful for any ideas or feedback!

Side note: the story is “Reformed” and this is a tiny bit of a spoiler. Go check it out:

Also, I’m kind of new to the forums so I’m looking for advice but also to make new friends so everyone add me on IG @cordeliam.episode and tell me about your stories!


Okay, I feel like this kind of depends on their relationship. Are they cute, a little on the mischeivious side, friendly…? What does the guy like to do?

I can only think of kiddy things like going to an indoor trampoline place lol. Or maybe just a small café with a band so they can dance. Idk :woman_shrugging:t4:.


Good point! Well, he’s kind of a “bad boy” but with her he’s not because she has basically told him since day 1 that she thinks that’s silly and she won’t hang out with a bad boy. Ummm their relationship is kind of rocky at this point because of reasons that I can’t say because spoilers but she has a lot to make up for. He, of course, has already forgiven her but not told her this. They play with each other a lot, tease each other, but they understand things about each other that no one does (e.g. the “bad boy” lifestyle.)

I quite like the cafe idea, thanks! That would be really cute, I’m just trying to think of a way to make it a little more intimate…


If a date is indoor and their relationship is that spontaneous, you could play bowling inside the house. Some laughs, some jokes on how terrible each other is at the game. You can have her cook something nice for him, but small if they are going to a party. They could almost kiss as after he tells her that he forgives her. then…Then…THHEN!!! The phone rings and they got to go to the party. lol

No kisses for them because this is a teasing kind of relationship. You could make the reader yearn for it.


Omg I love this, why didn’t I think of her cooking for him?? Or better, them cooking together! This is super cute, love the way you told that too! Thanks!! :joy: If I go with your ideas @decembermaria20 and @christinadawnstories , I’ll let you know and make sure to give you credit!!

Still welcoming more ideas!!


Yep! By the way, you don’t have to give me credit. I am simply happy to have helped. :relaxed:


Of course I’ll give credit! Do you have any stories? You seem to have some exciting ideas, I’d love to read your writing!


No credit needed here either. I hope that the scene is everything you envisioned it to be! Something at home with just the two of them sounds fantastic. Also, I’m sorry I was so late! You didn’t reply to me directly so I didn’t get the alert! It’s all good though. Have a great day!


I’d love to do that! I’ll DM you soon!


Oh yeah, sorry about that! But thank you for your ideas, hopefully I’ll get round to trying to write the scene later today.


Not yet. I had coded two but none published. However, I am finally putting a lot of effort in a butler theme story that I want to finally publish. I am stuck on a scene right now, though. I can’t figure out if I want to animate the dinner scene, create an image, or just script it out with the ink characters :thinking:.


Oh okay, sounds interesting! Good luck! If there’s anything I can help with, feel free to ask


Alright. :slight_smile:


I need help again! Writing this scene and… what’s a romantic meal she could cook for him???


I think it should be at a famous restaurant that is reserved for the whole place just for them… that seems romantic to me :relieved:


definitely SPAGHETTI!! :heart_eyes: :spaghetti:


Awww that does seem romantic. Also seems expensive!.. but I might use that idea later on, thank you! :blue_heart:


Lady and the Tramp style, I like that…


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