My mobile creation has been deleted

I’ll show you a photo:

As you can see, my created stories are no longer editable. I cannot edit them on my mobile. It was working earlier until the latest update.
Has episode removed this? I know they haven’t been keen on it for ages. If they have I can no longer create stories.

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I mean half of mobile stories were trash.


You can’t blame them for removing it. Mobile stories are so limited and honestly I can’t even think of a way to use them.



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I don’t mean to sound rude, but I’m honestly glad that they removed mobile creator. I would never stop seeing badly made mobile created stories on episode.


I only really used mobile creation for some of my edits, otherwise I never used it


Yeah it’s very easy for someone who wasn’t using it to say, “I’m glad it’s gone”, but for people like me who depended on it for creating (I can’t use directing helper in my PC) it’s like they’ve taken Episode away from me. My uncompleted stories have to be cancelled now

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I mean I loved the mobile creation because it was kind of easy to use and I loved making stories using it. But I think it really was too limited, from the way the directing would come out to the lack of animations. Plus they said it wouldn’t be compatible with the new episode or something (I think). I’ll miss it and when I checked my create part and it was gone it took some of my heart with it.


I agree lmao

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Yes, but many relied on it. I didn’t care it wasn’t updated. It gave a lot of people who don’t have time to start their own stories and was a handy app. Now it’s completely gone for us. Yes, I get it you didn’t like it and are glad it’s gone, but spare a thought for us who basically cannot write anymore

I’m sorry, but that is rude. Just because people use mobile creator, doesn’t mean they do t work hard on their stories. You don’t have to read anything you don’t want to.
As a former mobile writer, I can sympathise with them. My creation is to put the basic dialogue and action in mobile and fine tune it in writers portal. My stories look much better than they did, but that’s no reason to deride mobile stories just because they don’t do the same.


I do understand you because I only recently started using the writers portal (last year). But if you on phone you can go on google and use the writers portal that’s how I write nowadays.

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No I cannot. On Writers portal I cannot move the page up and down. Even if I click on the page, it moves the browser down, not the writers portal page. It’s the same on google chrome and safari.
It’s all easy to say “oh you need to upgrade your iPad” or “buy a pc”, but I don’t have a lot of money. Writing stories was the one little hobby I enjoyed and because of this decision, it’s all over

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Ah I had that problem. I’ll send screen shots because I can’t explain it.

You’re welcome to try. I’ve tried to fix it and had all sorts of advice without helping. I’m not hopeful, but I do appreciate your help.
This still has me very furious.

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So when trying to scroll you need to make sure the page is like this:


Not this:

And then when you got the page like the first one you press around about


To scroll it might take some time to get the hang of.

Even if it does work, when writing in writers app on mobile, the browser will close after a while and simply say “the page cannot be found.” You can imagine what that would be like if you wrote a fair bit.

I haven’t had this problem but we just have to deal with what we’re given.

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