My mobile creation has been deleted

How about you be a little nicer, because I know the rest of us can be. Let’s be friendly.


How? They released it. It worked well for me and other. I saw it as inoffensive to others. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. But don’t take it from the others who relied on it.


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They can’t think of everybody, they think of what is best for the community, that means letting some things go. Majority didn’t like it, and it wasn’t very helpful. So it’s gone.


The mobile creator hadn’t been updated in ages, they sure were gonna take it down :woman_shrugging:t2:


majority of people didn’t use it nor like it :woman_shrugging:t2: yes they had limited resources which made the stories come across as poorly written. nobody ever said anyone’s stories in specific were horrible so this fight is pointless. you can’t get it back so there’s not any reason to be hostile to others.


I reviewed a story of yours once, I believe. Do you have a PC? Sorry if I sound dumb. Or did you had one?

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How about you do the same. I’m not telling people to “deal with it.” Or “if you don’t have a pc, that’s not episodes problem”. I stared writing as I had a iPad and that’s where my stories came from. Now with two stories unfinished, they are stuck in limbo, and I have to tell my readers, they are effectively cancelled. I started this topic merely to ask where my mobile creation was. All I get is how great it was that they removed it. I can’t see how something you don’t use hurts someone who does. Don’t like, don’t use. Simple. But this has absolutely crippled me and effectively ended my time as a writer.
Sure we may be the 3% but who looks after the little guys.


Thats your opinion


Thanks for answering the inquiry @AMagic Closing thread :v: