My music cuts out for some reason in this scene, help!

So, in the scene before this one and after, the music is playing perfectly, I just don’t understand why it isn’t working here. The music plays for like a second, then cuts out randomly, idk what I’m doing wrong?

@zoom reset
@speechbubble reset
@EVE changes into EVE_default
@ZOE changes into ZOE_default
@VICTORIA changes into VICTORIA_default
@JACOB changes into JACOB_default
@ERIC changes into ERIC_default
@AMBER changes into AMBER_default
@SKY changes into SKY_default
@LEXI changes into LEXI_default
@BEAU changes into BEAU_default
@DERRICK changes into DERRICK_default
@DECLAN changes into declanblackjacket
@EMILY changes into EMILY_default
@TATUM changes into TATUM_default
@AMY changes into AMY_default
@XENA changes into XENA_default
@CARTER changes into CARTER_default
@KAYLIE changes into KAYLIE_default
INT. ACADEMIC HALL - DAY with LUNCH to 0.329 8 495 in zone 4 at layer 1
volume sound 100 0
volume music 75 0
music music_showdown
@ZOE spot 0.931 126 147 in zone 4 AND ZOE faces left AND ZOE starts film_phone_neutral_loop AND ZOE moves to layer 0
@JACOB spot 0.937 206 161 in zone 4 AND JACOB faces left AND JACOB starts idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop AND JACOB moves to layer 1
@ERIC spot 0.937 265 170 in zone 4 AND ERIC faces left AND ERIC starts search_neutral AND ERIC moves to layer -1
@VICTORIA spot 0.925 55 153 in zone 4 AND VICTORIA faces left AND VICTORIA starts chant_pumpfist_happy_loop AND VICTORIA moves to layer 1
@AMBER spot 0.943 212 132 in zone 3 AND AMBER faces left AND AMBER starts idle_argument_angry_loop AND AMBER moves to layer 1
@EMILY spot 0.943 99 130 in zone 3 AND EMILY faces right AND EMILY starts idle_armscrossed_angry_loop AND EMILY moves to layer 1
@SKY spot 0.931 259 141 in zone 2 AND SKY faces right AND SKY starts film_phone_neutral_loop AND SKY moves to layer 0
@LEXI spot 0.931 229 109 in zone 2 AND LEXI starts idle_awkward_scratch_loop AND LEXI faces right AND LEXI moves to layer 2
@BEAU spot 0.937 200 140 in zone 2 AND BEAU starts idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop AND BEAU faces right AND BEAU moves to layer 1
@DERRICK spot 0.937 51 144 in zone 2 AND DERRICK faces right AND DERRICK starts idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop AND DERRICK moves to layer 0
@DECLAN spot 0.937 119 148 in zone 2 AND DECLAN faces right AND DECLAN starts idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop AND DECLAN moves to layer -2
@CARTER spot 0.943 160 109 in zone 2 AND CARTER faces right AND CARTER starts idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop AND CARTER moves to layer 2
@KAYLIE spot 0.931 108 91 in zone 2 AND KAYLIE faces right AND KAYLIE starts text_phone_neutral_loop AND KAYLIE moves to layer 2
@TATUM spot 0.943 244 132 in zone 1 AND TATUM faces right AND TATUM starts film_phone_neutral_loop AND TATUM moves to layer 1
@AMY spot 0.919 97 138 in zone 1 AND AMY faces right AND AMY starts admire_happy AND AMY moves to layer -1
@XENA spot 0.919 164 141 in zone 1 AND XENA starts idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop AND XENA faces right AND XENA moves to layer 0
@EVE spot 0.901 -109 146 in zone 1 AND EVE moves to layer -1
@cut to zone 4
@transition fade in black 3.0
@overlay LUNCH opacity 1 in 0
@pause for 0.5
@overlay LUNCH opacity 0 in 1.0
@pan to zone 1 in 5.0
@pause for 0.5
@pan to zone 3
@zoom on 794 41 to 117% in 0
AMBER (talk_angry)
You like him, don’t you?

  • can anyone tell me what’s wrong?

It could be a glitch. A lot of people have been saying that music and sound are glitching in their stories. Or it could be because you have the sound louder than the music.


Okay thank you, I’ve been freaking out over it lol.

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Check your previous scene - you might have put volume music to go to 0 within a time frame that overwrites your next volume setting to 75 in 0 seconds.


Yes! Thank you sm!!

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