My new contest entry: In Her Dreams!

Hey guys! Neili here💁‍♀️
Did you hear? My contest entry is already OUT and it is waiting for you to check it out! Read it and you won’t regret, I promise😉

Story Name: “R&R: In Her Dreams”

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Action.

Description: You live a dangerous double life you’d do anything to get out of. Now you are given the chance to prove yourself. But it may cost someones’ life…
Or just yours.

Chapters released: Three (yet!)

Link to the story: Tap here to start your amazing journey!

CHOICES - Every choice matters! Choices give you points that shape your path, dialogues, your relationship with other characters and some scenes. You have clothing choices.

DIRECTING - Directing in my story is advanced. Many use of zooms, overlays, backgrounds. Overlays are directed very good. Various overlays that are NOT made by Episode! Use of Tappable overlays.

CHAPTER LENGTH - My chapters are very good length! It is not short, nor very long. Perfect size for a chapter.

GRAMMAR - I had proofreaders that read my story few times and spotted mistakes that have been fixed right after.

ACCESS THE STORY - Carrd link in my bio contains links to my stories. Story is available via search too- you just have to type in “R&R: In Her Dreams”

-Enjoy reading, guys!

(Small cover made by amazing @secret_episode_writer on Instagram😊)


the cover is amazing :heart_eyes:

but reads before the deadline doesn’t count. but if you already knew that and still decided to publish, don’t mind me (:

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Oh, no no no! I checked with episode and they said that they count even if they are before the deadline!

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oh really? when I asked them, they said it doesn’t. episode is very confusing :joy: :joy: :joy:

They really are sometimes😅

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