My new episode!


Hai!!! I’m RyRy and no one knows me but whatever! You should totally go on my episode account and read my book. Sure it’s a test episode because it’s my first one yet… But whatever.
It’s Rileydoezepisode🦕
The book is called “Kidnapped” so yeah. Read my cringiness.


I will read it


Thank chuuu!!!


What is the author name


And your splash is almost done I will send you it tommorow




Ok thanks!


Your welcome


I have read your story and it really short and you also need help with spot directing


?spot directing?
I know it’s basically just a pilot since I’m new to create.


do you need help


Yes lol


send me the script


This is actually on mobile.


That why I knew it cause it look like you did it on mobile and edit it


Haha lololol.
The coding I don’t get it


They have tutorial on that When I first started writting a story it was so bad but i wash some tutorial and i am good at it


Oh ok thanks for the advice


want me too give you the link ?