My new fantasy story (INK) EPISODE 5 OUT NOW!

I would appreciate you to check my new story. It only has 3 episodes now,. But right now I have a lot of time, so I will release new chapters every two or three days.

If you decide to read my story and give it a shot, I would appreciate any feedback/criticism you may have! Thank you :slight_smile:

Title: Queen of Thieves
Author: Ninsq
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Action
Description: Join Rhea and her friend for this magical journey across the land. Can you handle all the love, betrayal and friendship and find out where you truly come from?



Yes. I started this story before limelight was available, but I stopped before I had finished first episode. Back then I did not have enough time to learn coding well enough and I did not want to continue creating this story before I could give it all the time it deserves to be right.

I hope that it’s ink does not bother too much! :slight_smile:

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yay i hate lime light i only read ink for some reason

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Deff sound interesting. I will read it when I get a chance

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