My new IG acc ❤️


Hey guys! I have made an acc on instagram and I am going to put all my made outfits on there including the ones created by you from the last topic I sent. Please go follow it is @Episode_outfits123 from Instagram also feel free to follow my main acc tildagrayyy :heart::heart:

Episode Instagram acc

I think this is in the wrong category right @Sydney_H? This should not be in Creaters Corner…


No it’s meant to be on creators corner because it’s linked to making outfits on episode! I’m saying if you follow this acc you can use the outfits for your own stories. These are all just ideas I have. So you’re wrong it should be here


Nope, you put it in the wrong category. It should be either in the #community:general-chat ot in the #creators-discussion:resources or #community:fan-community . Since you are trying to give your made outfits and posting your I.G account More on how to put topics in the correct category you can check here


Ok can you all stop making puns bout me putting it in the wrong section. This wasn’t necessary ok? I have put it here on purpose and it’s meant to be here. So please stop bugging me @Cassandra_Dean and @Davidcrvz


And also this is about creating outfits for your story on episode note CREATORS CORNER! I’m giving you my episode acc so you can create outfits from my ideas so tech it is allowed to be here because it’s linked to creating duuuh


Why did you tag someone else? Jeez are you all against me?


Woah! Calm down please :smile:

They were just trying to help you out ^^

Nothing wrong with that :wink:


You can’t just say that :sob: They weren’t helping


Girl I am being calm I asked nicely I’ve been calm


Why are you all against me? I’ve done nothing wrong. You won’t listen to my point so forget it


Whoa there’s a difference between against and helping. I was just saying so that you can get more respond for people who needs them since the #creators-discussion:directing-helps-tips is mostly about Helping or giving tips about coding and stuff. There’s no need to be offensive over this :sweat_smile:


@Jeremy is this in the wrong spot? If so, can you move it please?


I tagged someone else because she’ll be able to tell you if this is indeed in the wrong section. She is our forum moderator. I’m sorry if I came as rude but I swear, your looking at it the wrong way. We were only trying to help. It’s not as if we were bugging you. If we were bugging you, we would have repeatedly asked/told you about the placement of this topic, but if I am not mistaken, I only mentioned it once. Now to solve this all, @Jeremy or @Sydney_H, is this indeed in the wrong section? We seriously don’t want to get flagged over this silly disagreement



As two very helpful users above pointed out. This was created in the wrong section which violates the forum rules. In the future please flag any topics that are created in the incorrect section and they will be taken care of by the forum team. Thanks! :sunglasses:



Thank you Jeremy :+1:


I’m not being offensive I keep trying to say I don’t want help I put it here on purpose


Yoy are being offensive by turning people against me. I’ve never done this before and you are all saying things already.