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You can’t just say that :sob: They weren’t helping

Girl I am being calm I asked nicely I’ve been calm

Why are you all against me? I’ve done nothing wrong. You won’t listen to my point so forget it

Whoa there’s a difference between against and helping. I was just saying so that you can get more respond for people who needs them since the #creators-discussion:directing-helps-tips is mostly about Helping or giving tips about coding and stuff. There’s no need to be offensive over this :sweat_smile:

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@Jeremy is this in the wrong spot? If so, can you move it please?

I tagged someone else because she’ll be able to tell you if this is indeed in the wrong section. She is our forum moderator. I’m sorry if I came as rude but I swear, your looking at it the wrong way. We were only trying to help. It’s not as if we were bugging you. If we were bugging you, we would have repeatedly asked/told you about the placement of this topic, but if I am not mistaken, I only mentioned it once. Now to solve this all, @Jeremy or @Sydney_H, is this indeed in the wrong section? We seriously don’t want to get flagged over this silly disagreement

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As two very helpful users above pointed out. This was created in the wrong section which violates the forum rules. In the future please flag any topics that are created in the incorrect section and they will be taken care of by the forum team. Thanks! :sunglasses:


Thank you Jeremy :+1:

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I’m not being offensive I keep trying to say I don’t want help I put it here on purpose

Yoy are being offensive by turning people against me. I’ve never done this before and you are all saying things already.

But this has something to do with creating

I didn’t mention it it’s linked to helping people create outfits for there story if they’re not sure

And create is obviously linked to creators corner

If you would like to discuss this further please private message me. For more info on where to correctly create content on the forums please review our forum tutorial. Thanks :smiley:

Ok why is no one listening to me


Closing topic as the Op is violating forum guidelines. As I stated above, to continue this off topic conversation please private message me. Thanks :peace_symbol: