My NEW Splash Request Thread!


Hello Everyone,
I have created a new splash thread. This thread is much more easy to use.
What’s new:

  • You now have to fill out a google form if you want a splash
  • You now chose the background you want from the background folder I made.

Here are the following types of splashes I do:

  • Thanks for reading! For my sneak peaks and updates, follow me on instagram…
  • Warning! This story contains mature themes and strong language
  • This story uses sound! Turn your volume up!
  • Episode 1, etc…
  • Warning! This story contains…

Here is a link of my sample splashes:

Here is the form:

Enjoy, LivLoveDance7

Splash Request Thread! by LivLoveDance7

I submmited the form.:slight_smile:


I submitted the form! :smiley:


Also, I forgot to add that I want a splash that says Episode 1 too! I forgot to add that in the form. Is that ok?


Sure no problem, I will start as soon as possible xx


Thank you! <3


Also, a few questions

what do you want the characters to wear
what color is the characters hair as it doesn’t say
what is your instagram name so i can add it to your splash
do you want the characters doing the same pose for all of the splashes?
and do you want different book backgrounds for each splash?



Also, I forgot to say that Zac has a tattoo. Lady Rose Tattoo

2. Sorry! Elise’s hair color is platinum blonde and Zac’s hair color is black.

3. Briannamarie.episode

4. No, different poses for each splashes!

5. Yes, different backgrounds.




No problem.


@Annie thanks for requesting a splash: I need the following details:

  • The text you want on the splash
  • The background you want
  • Screenshot of what the character looks like


But I prefer them to do the art.


Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by the following:


Oh, I’m sorry! Wrong person! :woman_facepalming:


haha, no problem xx




I have a new thread that has everything I do on it, so I’m closing this thread

@Jeremy or @Ryan please close this thread



Done and done :slight_smile: